The Future is Now: Honda, Lexus premiere game-changing tech for April 1

Let’s say you’re driving along and suddenly a dog runs into the road in front of your vehicle. What do you do? You hit the horn, right?

Fortunately for drivers of the 2018 Honda Odyssey,the minivan will soon be able to warn the animal of an approaching vehicle with a personalized canine car horn.

It is one of seven emotive horn options integrated into the steering wheel that will become standard in the Odyssey lineup.

See video here or click below.

Thanks to exhaustive research by expects within the company, “Car Horn Emojis” are no longer a dream — they’re a reality.

The emojis, which may apply in myriad real-life situations, including gratitude if someone lets you into the lane; chagrin for rush hour traffic; or anger, applied especially when the Honda driver has been cut off.

Though they have been around for almost a century, car horns have never before been so personalized. Honda made use of data compiled by social scientists and audiologists to identify when the horn can best communicate the driver’s emotions.

The most popular emoji is the “Happy Honda Honk,” which allows drivers to exchange brief, friendly hellos to one another. Be careful not to lean on the wheel, however, as the emoji horn for dogs is silent to humans, and may initiate a call-of-the-wild situation.

Not to be outdone, Lexus said this week said it would throw its luxury hat in the ring of radar and lane monitoring technology with the launch of Lane Valet.

The semiautonomous system operates in conjunction with 802.11 p V2V wireless data protocol to temporarily connect with the vehicle that doesn’t know the meaning of the “fast lane” to safely relocate it.

The lane change is prompt and tactful, and in some cases Lexus drivers don’t even need to slow before the move is complete, Brian Dolain, general manager of Lexus product and consumer marketing, said in a release.

“An appropriate vehicle speed without excessive braking offers optimal fuel efficiency, better traffic flow and decreased driver frustration,” he wrote.

Given the unprecedented progress these companies have made just before April, tech expert Faye Knuze with So Real Analytics Inc. said there’s no telling what will roll out before the end of the year.

“It’s just a really exciting time for the industry,” Knuze wrote in an email interview. “Both the ‘Car Horn Emojis’ and the Lane Valet seem almost too good to be true.”

And just for the record, everything you just read is total fiction perpetuated by some creative jokesters at Honda and Lexus. Happy April Fools’ Day.

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